Daily Prompt: Artificial


Someone said, and i quote: “a person does not deserve to be called your family just because you share blood, they must earn it” – almost like that – Anjelina Jolie. This made me sit down and think. Are we with the people that genuinely want to be with you, or are they stuck with you because apparently they are family? Granted we cannot choose our family, or maybe not. Where do our biggest stress comes from?  Do we really need the stress? The world is already stressful as it is. Can you afford to live with the stress?

We have people today who go through artificial insemination that perfectly pinpoint the best characters they desire out of their off-springs. Green or brown eyes, thick blode hair or jet black hair. Tall, masculine, athletic. The list goes on.

What about sports personalities that inject steroids to boost their natural talents. We whine when we hear about yet another broken record because we already suspect fakery of some sort has taken place. We whine when they fail.

We give each other fake smiles and lie to one anothers faces to accomplish some fake pleassure of inflicting pain. So, think about it, what artificial thing have you done today?


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