the photo credit goes out to: Yinglan Z.


Jason and Kate have lived in this dingy place for over a year. To tell you the truth this was just a temporary arrangement until they could find a much better place. The place was cheaper enabling them to save a lot of money to buy a bigger car. Unfortunately they have now find themselves locked into a 3 year lease contract and they cannot stand to stay here another day with a difficult landlord who refuses to cancel the contract.So they thought the middle of the day was a perfect time to escape.

“time to go, quick Kate”

The landlord was out cold on the sofa in his living room. They bundle up the few belongings they have in the gateway car and they were gone.

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6 thoughts on “FLASH FICTION

  1. Wonderful story Ladybug! They finally escaped from a horrible landlord! Welcome to the FFfAW challenge! We are happy you have joined us and I’m so happy you didn’t have any problems linking up with InLinkz!


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