Daily Prompt: Banned


I want to throw away my phone.

It is torturing me.

I believe it is a modern day torture device

It keeps ringing when i don’t want to speak to anyone

It coveys messages,

Sometimes messages that is too painful for the mental processes to take

Martin Cooper meant  well

But his invention is now a weapon, to impart threats,

To coax into unimaginable obligations

To steal your identity, your money and your dignity

I desire a quiet existence

Without interference of any type

But this device is forever attached to the head and

The brain is screaming to be set free

Of all the unnecessary noise it has been subjected to.

The neck is constantly crooked to the side

Sometimes in weird poses for a perfect “selfie”

The obsession of which has caused Family feuds, road rage

and more accidents than the cost of each device, but it is impossible to completely ban the phone.


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