This week’s photo prompt is provided by Joy Pixley. Thank you Joy!

“Rewind the video, yes, there it is”

“It’s extraordinary, Nonna.”

“still exactly the way I recall it”

“must bring back lots of memories?”

“It does. We used to call it iL Giardino, our playground. We would spend the whole day swimming playing hide and seek behind the trees. Running up and down the bridge, sucking on lecca – lecca. We had a carefree child hood, until the war began and our family had to flee the country.” Nonna had her hands on her chest; there were tears of joy and a look of longing for the childhood shed left behind a long time ago.

“iL Giardino” was recently featured in the Oscar nominated and most talked about movie of the year “Amore” about two teenage girls whose families were separated after World War 2. We have settled back watching the movie when she recognized the monument and she kept requesting to repeat the movie.

“How a about a trip this December, I would like to see it” I asked, giving he a massive hug

(WORD COUNT : 173)


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