Daily Prompt: Second Thoughts

via Daily Prompt: Second Thoughts


Making decisions is a daunting task that requires a clear mind and keeping to them. Sometimes i long for the days when our elders made decisions for us because they knew whats good for everyone, but on seconds thoughts, maybe not. I a true Gemini and i should know about being in two minds at the same time. I am always astonished whenever someone complains about having seconds thoughts about something, because isn’t it how the brain operate mostly?  Most people will advice to take the first thought that’s comes to you mind, but for a Gemini that may create a magnitude of problems because dozens of thoughts suddenly flood through all at once. It is exhausting; my head hurts just thinking about this now.

I woke up one day and decided to start meditating to calm my mind. For years i have avoided reading anything about yoga because almost every celebrity seemed to be advocating doing yoga. It was boring, i refused to be influenced. That was until three years ago when i made that single minded decision to improve myself mentally. Yoga helped be to think before i leap, It centered me. I still procrastinate now and then, but it is a work in progress.


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