Daily Prompt: Flames

My love of baking has been with me all my life. I come from a family of home bakers, my grandmother and her cousins where always baking for different events when I was growing up. But it was my English teacher who taught me how to mix my first batch of biscuits. She lit the flame inside of me I was not even aware of. Most of my friends used to sneer and call me the teacher’s pet because I was always invited into her house every weekend. I was 13 years old and I loved it. I did not realize then that I was getting free baking lessons which still lingered in my memory all these years. Like how to use bicarbonate of soda. To me bicarbonate of soda was something my mother used for heartburn, but in Mrs N’s kitchen I learned its other magic of turning out delicious and foolproof biscuits and light and airy scones.

Any time I do my bakery shopping condensed milk will land into my basket and it reminded me of the many weekends I spent learning how to measure and weigh different ingredients and the perfect oven temperature for my cakes. But, the tasting at the end was always the best part. One evening after one of those lessons I went home and made her favourate biscuits (http://www.rainbowcooking.co.nz/recipes/south-african-condensed-milk-biscuits-kondensmelk-koekies), I wanted to surprise my family. Though the biscuits came out perfect, they were sickly sweet, my family was impressed still and from there the baking in the family was left to me.

I have not seen Mrs N in so many years, but wherever she is I would like to say thank you, for trusting a clumsy teenager like myself into your wonderfully organized kitchen and handle your precious glassware. The flames of baking still burns bright and high and my wish is that one day we’ll see each other again and do some biscuits tasting together like we always did. Thank You.



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