Daily Prompt: Mythical

Daily Prompt: Mythical


One of the first myths we grow up with centres around our teeth.  Losing one meant all kinds of good luck were coming your way.  I was advised to throw mine on the roof of our house for the tooth fairy and was promised lots of money and presents. Every time one of us loses a tooth we knew to expect a small celebration because that meant luck was heading our way. But it seems the fun ended with kids.  There was no such luck for oldies to speak of when they lost their teeth. It meant they were irresponsible with theirs and was warned about eating sweets and not brushing daily. False teeth fascinated me because another myth i grew up with was that false teeth were teeth taken from dead people. When a person with a pair of good teeth died the dentists removed them before burial. As a kid watching someone removing their false teeth before eating was quite funny because i knew where they came from, i was quite disgusted to be honest. I liked the mischief of going into the dentist just to look at those “dead teeth”. Many cultures believe in the power of animal teeth to helps ward off evil spirit, like racoon teeth worn by many celebrities and lion teeth worn by traditional healers. There was a time in the nineties when gold teeth (the grillz ),were very fashionable. Our obsession with gold is very well documented it was decorating your most prised whites with gold that promised good health and it commanded respected. I really wanted one, badly, especially when you smiled and there was this shiny light in your mouth. Then one rapper came out with all his teeth, the entire lot, replaced with 24 carat once and all that fun went out with it.


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