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The Huffington Post ZA went live today. People have waited weeks, rubbing their hands together in anticipation. The question that seems to bounce around every conversation was whether we’ll see the same content dominating the US or other countries. South Africa is still very much patriarchal society and most parts still rooted in culture where certain topics are just not allowed to be exposed into the main public sphere, like we are not supposed to know what the president did next door last night, he’s an adult and we should turn our heads away if caught with his pants down. This morning I woke up early and popped in to see what they have in store for us. So far, it looks tame, almost like the entire online news outlet we already access. I understand they are still testing the waters; they were warned against the sleazy content like those in the US. But some of us with guts of steel can take it, shock us with secrets we should know about. I want to see it all, pictures, videos, even if it was me caught doing the dirty with someone I shouldn’t, there are just certain behaviors we should not allow to manifest in our societies. So this is my invitation, HP ZA, don’t hold back with those scorching hot topics without fear or favour. Welcome.


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