Daily Prompt: Vigor



They say each of us has our future already mapped out from the moment of conception. Whether yours hold good fortune or the hands of fate decided to play a dirty trick, your road into this journey called life was constructed for you and all you need to do is show up, and these energies whether good or evil direct you where you’re supposed to be. You cannot fight or change it .If that is the case, i wish there was a “mirror ball” so every embryo could have the chance to view their future before making a decision to continue with the process. My sister and i argued about this intensely. She’s of the opinion; life is what you make it. “We attract whatever happens in our lives”. She’s a fashion designer so i placed this scenario to her; imagine you make a costly mistake with your design which cannot be rectified and the material salvaged, what will you do? She laughed and said, “i’m not selling badly constructed items i have to think about my reputation”. Her work is always meticulous. “Every piece must be thought through before she brings out Mr. Scissor to do his work. The same thing with me, i’m not letting you guys eat a soggy bottomed bread, never; it’s going straight into the bin.

And i thought how God could let this mess loose to manifest and watch as all these destruction take place if he was the designer of our lives. How could he not realise there were badly formed brains and hearts on his table and restart? “Maybe he was depressed and there was not enough clay” my brother said. He’s not a murderer, he’s not going to kill off one of his creation because it was distorted, so i imagined him opening the door and as he bit his nails, cowering on the sofa bed in his mansion watching on his giant screen as wars, angry outbursts between family members, accidents and just a whole bag full of bad luck is unleashed on the hopeless. With his great vigour he tries to encamp his brethren with his special forces.  To protect them against the sick minds but because his people lives by his will of loving and accepting all God’s creation they live freely their arms open to just about any living thing, the destruction continues and the bad gene spread to an unimaginable proportion. If there really was a mirror ball i would have said to my parents, “sorry i’m not coming out”.


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