This weeks picture credit goes to : Louise, with The Storyteller’s Abode, thank you Loise

1800’s, in many ways were bad years for women who misbehaved, but one strongly opposed was women readers, an abomination. A notorious offender was a 19 year old young woman named Mary who purposefully made a habit of reading aloud in public galleries and was frequently found with various reading materials which was deemed obscene at the time. Whenever she goes her trusty diary was forever on hand. This picture was taken just 1 hour before she was taken in; the judge said a year will suffice because previous imprisonment did not help much. She went home first and spruced herself up, with her best looking dress and a nicely decked up tea set before the photographer took it while READING a letter. She sent copies to the law makers in a show of defiance to their barbaric laws and a middle finger to the judge. Thankfully the laws were abolished not long after.

{words count – 154}

{this is my contribution to this weeks photo prompt}


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