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While a small child’s basic skills of reading may begin with tearing up pieces of papers, we cannot deny the attraction the printed letters and pictures have on children. It might be the words communicating directly to them and are naturally trying to understand the language in their own way, a culture of reading is imperative from a young age. Deny a child food they may forgive you one day, but do not deny them their right to read and education, he/she might learn how to find their own food.

This year marked 50 years since International Literacy Day was declared to remind the international community to promote literacy among every member of our societies. The social believe or custom of holding one gender behind while elevating the other to acquire education have impacted negatively in the progress mostly witnessed in third world countries and the process to try to remedy the injustice has not been without difficulties. In South Africa the government had to make it unlawful for any child of school going age not be registered and attending at school. The recent #feesmustfall protests by university students seem to highlight the failure of the promises for further education for the previously underprivileged and it has left extensive damage in its wake. Basic education should not have to be expensive though. I think that it begins at home; the home should cultivate the habit of reading anything, it does not have to be your subject matter or a novel made into a popular movie. Read to exercise your mind or as Gustave Flaubert advised, “read in order to live.”

{this is my contribution to The Daily Post Prompt – Culture}


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