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One of the treasures of a community life is a public library. It is free and everyone is welcome. The second you go in you leave your age, gender, race or social standing at the door and only worry about your favourite corner unoccupied. With the rows of books and magazines, some of which are rare and so expensive it is a privilege that i treasure to get my hands on them and indulge in the scent as the pages fly past my nose. Besides being able to find any resourceful information, the list below is some of the things i treasure just for being in the library.

  1. Peace – a few hours of quiet reading with no background noise.
  2. Helpful librarians – yes you do find those that keep asking frequently if you need help, but they are doing their job, no harm done.
  3. Perfect escape route – just say “i was at the library” and you’re out of the woods, no questions of what you were doing at the library.
  4. Free wifi
  5. It is perfect place to meet new like minded people.
  6. No money no problem, you can borrow any book for free and return it later.the-library

But this amazing place is now under threat, what with the proposed closures of some and cut to funding with staff losing their jobs, I’m afraid libraries or the services they offer may be extinct and it is such a shame. It is the 2nd public place (after museum) that most people look out for when visiting another country. They are guardians of our history, a treasure to our existence that we need to preserve.



4 thoughts on “READERS HUB

  1. Great challenge… Sometimes we only realize much later the value of what we had…when consequences hit us. We need to do whatever possible to appreciate what we have right now…
    On a different note…I couldn’t help but fall in love with the puppies…we once had a puppy that I struggled to connect with, it took a while for me to connect. When we finally hit the connect button it was bliss but after a short while, sadly, we lost it. This was a treasure that took a while to be recognized…
    Keep up the good work…

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