Keep Calm and Abide?

via Daily Prompt: Abide

As part of the animal kingdom, humans enjoy inflicting pain on those viewed as lower class or weaker. We’ve made rules that amount to pure torment of others and enforced them as laws. I have serious misgivings with these words: obey and submit. True, you are expected to obey the rules of the road for safety reasons and you must submit your tax returns to comply with the law. In a family setting I feel those words are dysfunctional. It is inhuman to expect anyone to forego their dreams and ambitions in order to show loyalty. I respect my parents and live my life in a way I would not embarrass them. Living under their roof meant no smoking, no drinking, not bringing unruly friends over and doing my chores. I was ok with that, it was my way of showing my appreciation and abiding by their rules but I drew the line at obeying. There are a couple of bible verses about children obeying their parents but I don’t think they were meant to be used to be taken advantage of.  “Children, Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long on earth”, but surely by days are definitely going to be shortened by stress and depression for some parents do not have the “stop”  button when you’ve done all you could to please them. So, what is a child to do in this predicament? “Listen to your heart”, as the song suggests as long as there is peace (seek it wherever you can) in your world and leave others to deal with their warped worlds.

{This is my contribution to the Daily Prompt: Abide}


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