The Conundrum

via Daily Prompt: Conundrum

Who would want to be the President? even in this climates we live in (horrible economies and migrants), it seems many don’t mind raising their hands and stepping forward to accept the coveted seat. The stampede caused running for the top post boggles the mind, just look at the disappointed faces of the losing teams. This is not the best place to be if your interests lie not in serving your country but more in lining your pockets or to further once profile. Although the self sacrifice is expected, I would imagine the scrutiny and the criticism being the most excruciating part. Growing up i felt being referred to as a first lady, first daughter or anything closer to the president was to be envied upon, you get afforded free pass in most establishments and all opportunity doors seem to get wide open as you approach, that is until you open the newspaper or the internet and realise all your family history plastered all over the news as entertainment or as a “let’s get to know our new family better”. Its a conundrum, because the most deed darkest of secrets will be unearthed for all as amusement. I have nothing to do with what my great grandfather did in his teens but suddenly as the top employee in the land i might start brainstorming for answers how i think of his actions, especially when they were bad. Unless like our recent presidents and presidential elects you enjoy all types of attention, however negative and embarrassment it bring to your family, who is brave enough to have all the daggers positioned at their heads?

(This is my contribution to The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Conundrum)


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