Just Damn Moody

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“All my life I had to fight. I had to fight my daddy. I had to fight my brothers. I had to fight my cousins and my uncles. A girl child ain’t safe in a family of men. But I never thought I’d have to fight in my own house. She let out her breath. I loves Harpo, she say. God knows I do. But I’ll kill him dead before I let him beat me.”
Alice Walker, The Color Purple

When i was reciting those famous words this morning, it had nothing to do with a family feud. The pain in my shoulders was begging for me to stop the torture but knowing this was the last day before the start of the “week of feasting” or “belly busting week” i had to endure it. The plank pose felt a lot tougher this time due to the heat and the sweat dripping down my face was getting into my eyes, stinging like hell. I swore i could hear Oprah’s voice in the background. Although the tv was on, Miss Winfrey was relaxed and just doing her thing interviewing First Lady Michelle Obama. Maybe i was been moody because of the fear of sabotaging my great efforts but in my head that angry face of Sophia kept popping out screaming to stop crying like a baby because there are worse things that can happen to a girl. There is always January to counteract what all that glorious food had done to our glorious hips and it’s not the end of the world. Unless you are watching those countless videos and photos out of Aleppo and wondering “God, what the hell…?.” i’m saying a little prayer this whole month especially to those innocent children, can’t imagine it, the loss of a childhood is a sin. Oh! I’m so moody right now, i think i will leave it at that and go read others posts.

Enjoy Christmas Everyone.

{This is my contribution to Daily Post Daily Prompt: Moody}


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