My name is Mmatshepo (translations: HOPE), feel free to call me Hope. I am born and raised South African. i have years of scribbling anything that crossed my mind and hiding them and not sharing with anyone, the fear of been judged was too strong then, not anymore.

First things first, why ladybug?

I picked up a ladybug in August 2016 in my office and set it free outside. I did not realize the concept of my beautiful visitor then but this when I was busy scratching my head about a name for my site the word ladybug spontaneously came to mind and thought, beautiful. I did a quick research about this small creatures and realized I had so much in common with these little creatures. One being tiny (me, 1.5m hello) and harmless, love nature and peace. It said ladybugs brings luck, so here hoping this is my first post to a very lucky discovery.

This particular picture I selected to depict my thought processes. She is leaping out of her comfort zone into the free and wide world. Just like me I have finally decided to share my work with other aspiring and writers out there.